Newsletter No. 57 / March 2017

One of our first classes, in 1978, with
Wille Sundqvist.


By Drew Langsner

Country Workshops is in the process of closing down. Our summer tutorials are fully enrolled, and the most popular tools from our CW Store are sold out. We are keeping our web site intact, as an archive and resource.

We still have some tools from H. Karlsson and S. Djärv; froes from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks; and our full selection of books and DVDs. For a listing of what is still available click here.

Good News!

Our friends Kenneth and Angela Kortemeier are starting the Maine Coast Craft School. They are offering courses similar to Country Workshops' classes, and their store will offer a similar selection from the same makers.

There's also a good possibility that I will continue with some post-CW teaching. Either here (at our mountain home/farm/shop) or at other locations - maybe combined with some interesting travel - like Slow Woodworking in Italy, an event that tried to happen several years ago. Send an e-mail if you have a proposal.

Click above photo to see a slide show of CW instructors.

Honor Roll

CW Teachers and Tour Guides

Now's the time to thank and acknowledge all of the class teachers and tour guides who made Country Workshops what it became and accomplished since our opening in 1978. For consistency, some class names have been altered or simplified. Dates are
not included. (The listing then becomes quite complicated.

Abbott, Mike - UK Craft Tour
Alexander, Jennie - Ladderback Chairmaking, 17th Century Joinery
Austin, Jim - Lapstrake Boat Building
Bengston, Ken - Swedish Sloyd Craft
Boggs, Brian - Ladderback Rocking Chair
Brown, John - Windsor Chairmaking
Buchanan, Curtis - Windsor Chairmaking
Bucherer, Frederick - Switzerland Craft Tour
Bull, Peter - Timber Framing
Donahey, Tom - Ladderback Rocking Chair
Follansbee, Peter - 17th Century Joinery
Gott, Peter - Log Building
Horuchi, Erina - Japan Craft Tour
Kamigata, Lena - Japan Craft Tour
Karlsson, Hans - Toolmaking for Woodworkers
Koenig, John - Timber Framing
Kortemeier, Kenneth - Ladderback Chairmaking, Windsor Chairmaking
Kraus, John - Toolmaking for Woodworkers
Kuster, Daniel - Switzerland Craft Tour
Kutsuwa, Masashi - Japan Craft Tour
Langsner, Drew - Ladderback and Windsor Chairmaking, Swiss Cooperage,
Corner Cabinet, Carving Bowls and Spoons
Langsner, Louise - Willow and White Oak Basketry, Garden Cooking
Law, Rachel Nash - White Oak Basketry
Lynch, Tom - Twig Chairmaking
MacEwen, Marilyn - Woodworking for Women
Mayner, Dan - Ladderback Chairmaking
Murkett, Peter - Windsor Chairmaking
O'Hagan, Daniel - Log Building, Green Woodworking, Timber Framing
Russell, John - UK Craft Tour
Sawyer, Dave - Ladderback Chairmaking
Shoji, Osamu - Japanese Woodworking, Japan Craft Tour
Sjoberg, Mats - Swedish Bentwood Boxes
Stanley, Harrelson - Japan Craft Tour
Stubbs, Del - Turning
Sundqvist, Jögge - Swedish Sloyd Craft, Sweden Craft Tour, Swedish Country Furniture
Sundqvist, Wille - Swedish Sloyd Craft
Swensson, Carl - Japanese Woodworking, Swiss Cooperage, Rush Seating
Turley, Frank - Toolmaking for Woodworkers
Weber, Don - Windsor Chairmaking
Wood, Darry - Toolmaking for Woodworkers, White Oak Basketry

Also Department ... Country Workshops could not have happened without the huge contributions of our dedicated board members, summer interns, and Volunteer Week volunteers. Rick Mastelli for collaborating with our video projects. And of course our class participants. We have many great friends going back to our first classes in 1978.


New Sculpture from Drew Langsner

This is a recent/ongoing sculpture project, not quite finished.

Detail of the trunk section, now painted.

I keep hearing this question - What will you be doing after Country Workshops? At 74, I'm winding down - just because ... But also, I'm considering how much time do I have - in more-or-less OK physical and mental health - to do what really matters? Travel, time with family, civic and environmental concerns, some sailing. I find myself returning to the art world - my graduate school focus, before getting distracted with 40 years of learning about traditional craft and how to work wood with hand tools.

This fallen apple tree (left, top photo) grew as a volunteer. During an unknown storm it blew over and gradually died. We looked at it often, since it is on the horizon of a hill above our barn. Last fall I began to appreciate the weird and natural beauty of the weathering corpse. I decided to look at it as potential art project, with interesting massive volume at the root end contrasting the wild, lineal forms in the smaller branches and twigs. After extensive cleanup and priming I'm now in the process of painting with spray-can gold, silver and copper. It now has a name - Bhuto Dancer. (You can learn about Bhuto on a web search.) The electric fence in the background keeps the cows away. They think it's a wonderful thing to rub against.


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