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Typical contents include stories about recent students and our guest instructors, practical information (on sharpening, making your own travisher, or a bowl blank holding fixture called "Bull Dog"), and news about new tools from the Country Workshops Store. Each newsletter also has an update on forthcoming classes. 
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PLEASE NOTE: Many of the links to courses and tools offered by Country Workshops will no longer work. You will likely get a “Page Not Found” error if you do try to follow one of the old links.

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Five Most Recent Newsletters (In descending order)

November 2017

  1. -Where to Get: Tools, Books and Plans

  2. -Where to Get: Workshops and Tutorials

  3. -Honor Roll - The CW Board of Directors

  4. -Tulip Poplar Bark Bast

March 2017

  1. -Closing Down

  2. -CW Honor Roll

  3. -New Sculpture from Drew Langsner

December 2016

- Summer 2017 Schedule

- The Maine Coast Craft School

  1. -Tool Update

  2. -New from Drew langsner

Fall 2016

- Summer - Fall Update

- Getting Great Tools in the Age of Spoon and Bowl Carving

  1. -2 Breakthroughs

  2. -Butter Knife Project

January - March 2016

- Class Calendar Update

- The Wille Sundqvist and Bill Coperthwaite Sloyd Fellowship

  1. -Tools are coming!

  2. -Butter Knife Project