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carving a serving ladle

Carving a serving ladle

The Ambitious Approach

by Drew Langsner

Several years back I contacted my friend John Lavine who was then the editor of “Woodwork Magazine.” I wanted to know if John would be interested in publishing a spoon carving article. Not an ordinary 1-3 page piece, but something that really goes into detail. John agreed. I went to work, writing and taking the photos of myself.

The result was something of a monster. Many pages long and with lots of photographs plus a few drawings. The problem became where to put it. What issue could devote so many pages to just one subject? While on the backburner, “Woodwork” closed shop.

I then decided to contact Nick Gibbs, the editor of the new English magazine “Living Woods.” Nick said ‘great, if we can divide it into 2 issues.’ Making a Ladle needed a home, and I like Nick’s magazine. Part 1 appeared in the May/June 2009 issue. Nick provided a pdf file for our web site. Links for all three parts appear below. If you’re interested in subscribing to “Living Woods” you can take this link:

Click here for Making a Ladle, Part 1

Click here for Making a Ladle, Part 2
Click here for Making a Ladle, Part 3

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