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Private Tutorials with Drew Langsner. Drew will be offering privately arranged tutorials limited to 1-2 students. Possibilities include: carving bowls and spoons, ladderback, and rustic Windsor chair making. 1-5 days. The dates are mutually decided, beginning spring 2018. Drew is also open to teaching at other venues – when the circumstances are particularly interesting. Email if you have a proposal or question. Website:

About Us

About Us

Drew and Louise Langsner have been welcoming students and guests to Country Workshops and their home since 1978 to learn about traditional woodworking. The 100-acre Langsner farm is found in a secluded cove, surrounded by hardwood forests and the natural beauty of the southern Appalachian Mountains. The Country Workshops experience is much more than a traditional woodworking class.  It is an opportunity for woodworkers to experience the quiet beauty, friendly company and delicious meals reminiscent of simpler times when woodworking with hand tools was a part of everyday life.

Country Workshops offers a unique woodworking experience which allows our students to focus on the process of learning and creating in the company of master instructors and fellow enthusiasts. Each class (which can be 2, 5 or 6 days) involves a carefully selected project, designed to develop skills and to introduce woodworking techniques in a logical and thorough manner. We are a hands-on school; participants are involved in every step from raw materials to the finished project. Our goal is to engage students in a rewarding relationship with wood and craft traditions while creating beautiful and useful objects. At Country Workshops, students create an heirloom while acquiring  valuable, traditional woodworking skills.

We believe that the best teaching and learning takes place in classes where the group size is comparatively small.  For our summer  woodworking classes enrollment averages 8 students. The spring and fall ‘tutorials’ are limited to 4 students.

Country Workshops tuition is set up as a one-price package. Our tuition always includes: all materials, accommodations and meals. Specialized tools are supplied for most classes. You are not required to spend hundreds of dollars on tools before taking a Country Workshops class. (Exception: Japanese Woodworking, where tuning your tools is a major part of the course experience.)

Our woodworking school has proven valuable to woodworkers of all abilities – beginners, amateurs and professionals. Most classes last 5-6 days, but we also offer a few weekend courses. Tuition may be tax deductible for established professionals. We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational organization. Contributions are deductible.

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