When Country Workshops closed down in 2017, we asked ourselves if the CW web site should be preserved. And if so, how? The answer is Yes and No. We've decided to create this Archive that can become a resource going forward.

One of the most useful (and potentially valuable) sections is the collection of e-mail Newsletters. In the Newsletter we announced what would be coming up -- now history. More relevant, the newsletters contain a variety of articles on many aspects of traditional and green woodworking that CW addressed. A few examples: several entries on sharpening techniques, understanding oil finishes, riving into thirds, chopping stumps with legs, and much more. You will need to dig through these; they are in dated sequence rather than organized by subject. It should be worth the effort.

Where to Get Department

Tools, Books and Plans

The CW Store -- which offered a refined selection of tools, books, plans and videos -- is not included in the archive. Our major suppliers in Sweden were H. Karlsson Klensmide and S. Djarv Hantverk. The Maine Coast Craft School is now the North American distributor for both of these excellent small firms. One problem is that demand in recent years far exceeds what these folks can produce. Buy them when you can.

Books by Drew Langsner that are currently in print are available directly from Drew. Green Woodworking ($35.00) and The Chairmaker's Workshop ($50.00). S&H for U.S. orders is $5.00 for 1 book, $7.50 for both. Payment by personal check. Order by postal mail addressed to: Drew Langsner, 775 Black Pine Ridge Rd., Marshall, NC 28753

Our hybrid version of a shaving horse, which we call a "mule," is available directly from the maker, Tom Donahey. In our opinion it's the best shaving horse out there. And also a great value. Tom makes the classic ratchet style, and the innovative Orgami Z Mule. You can also make your own mule, with the ratchet platform. Plans are available as a free download. Plans for the Z version (in a folding configuration) are available from our green woodworking friends in Japan. Go the Facebook page for Green Woodwork Lab.

Beautiful and totally functional carving knives, both straight and left/right hooks (for hollowing the little bowls on spoons.) E-mail Phil Fuentes: phil.workshop@gmail.com

Adzes and other forged tools -- contact Jason Lonon: jalonon@yahoo.com

Froes in 2 useful sizes. Developed by Drew and produced for many years at the CW workshop. (Many interns helped make them.) These are a significant improvement compared to older more traditional froes. Now produced by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. You can order direct from them.

Classes, Workshops, Tutorials

We decided to omit the detailed descriptions of our various classes from this Archive. Sorry, but it's just too much to wade through. and very out of date. The good news is that there are now many good instructional alternatives.

Kenneth and Angela Kortemeier have started the Maine Coast Craft School. All but one class filled in 2017, their first year. The latest schedule is available on their web site.

Peter Follansbee, our summer intern in 1988, teaches at scattered venues around the globe. His classes are announced in his very informative and fun blog

Jögge Sundqvist has occasional courses in the US, besides teaching in Sweden and other venues. Jögge has a beautiful and inspiring website: www.surolle.se

David Fisher is one of our best bowl and spoon carvers. Prolific and skillful, and always happy to share his knowledge. Dave teaches here and there. His informative blog is at: davidffisherblog.wordpress.com

I no longer organize classes that are publicly announced. However, I'm still doing some teaching. But only when something interesting comes up. Customized instruction can be at the Langsner's mountain workshop, or just about anywhere else. You can contact Drew by e-mail: drewandlouiselangsner@gmail.com

Tutorials at Country Workshops included Rustic Windsor Chairmaking, Carving Bowls and Spoons, Ladderback (post-and-rung) Chairmaking, among others over 40 years.

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